November 23, 2008

@ Mariner Park, 11/22

It was a beautiful evening out at Mariner Park last night, with the setting sun lighting up the bay and the clouds in shades of pink and violet. We weren't out there long - it was pretty cold and we were underdressed - but I got a few photos.

Homer knows how to smile for the camera.

Alice the speed machine.

When little Otto is in the baby backpack, one of his favorite games is to try to take Mommy's hat off.

Nova and Otto head off into the sunset.

Anybody know what this thing is? I'm still learning my sea creatures and I've never seen one of these before.


Anonymous said...

gosh that looks like the soybean clumps from that ship wreck out on Unalaska Island... or it could be sea otter brains... he he he

So here I am PS (penitent scribe and thank gawd you don't have the initials of SP...), I've pretty much pissed off all the other progressive alaskan blog writers. Like, they think their radical? yeah right...

So check out that kid, Otto! Gosh, way cute and such bright eyes... I'm so proud of Nova. We first met at that Spenard coffee shop. She had just moved to Anchorage from the great city of Homer. And she had heard of the inmates that hung around drinking coffee and (dare I say it) complained ! Nova took it all with a true grain of ground up coffee.

kalaska said...

Nova has not lived in Homer until now?

Aaron Selbig said...

We moved here at the beginning of August.

Anonymous said...

That's a sponge!

Hey Anon above...what did you do to piss off the other "progressive" bloggers? Which ones think they're radical?

Anon Below!

baja said...

That's called a glomeration of puckered buttholes sea anemone.

I've seen them snorkeling down in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

They Can snorkle?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...