November 18, 2008

Berkowitz concedes

From a Berkowitz campaign press release this afternoon:

Following the apparent counting of most ballots, Democratic candidate Ethan Berkowitz is congratulating Rep. Don Young.  “I called Congressman Young and his wife, Lu, this afternoon to wish them well on what will be their 19th term in Congress,” said Berkowitz.  

“I have been privileged to earn the support of so many Alaskans,” said Berkowitz, who received more votes than any Democratic candidate in state history, prior to this election.  

“I’m proud we ran a race that elevated the quality and tone of a campaign, and one that focused on issues and values.  Though the 2008 campaign has come to an end, the need to solve problems of high energy costs, affordable health care, and economic opportunity endures.  I will continue to fight for Alaska and these goals into the future.”


clark said...

it was extremely interesting to me that even young himself said benson would have been much stiffer competition than ethan.
y'all will have to make up your own minds whether he was speaking truthfully or, as most of my friends assume he was talking smack and rubbing both of their noses in it.

Anonymous said...