November 14, 2008

BREAKING: Natural gas headed to Homer, says Enstar

This story broke earlier today …

Armstrong, Enstar agree to send North Fork gas to Homer

Homer's long wait for a consistent supply of natural gas may finally be nearing an end as two gas companies - Armstrong Cook Inlet LLC, a subsidiary of Denver-based Armstrong Oil and Gas, and Anchorage-based Enstar Natural Gas Co. - have agreed in principle to build a pipeline to ship the commodity from wells in the North Fork area.

"They have positive results," said Enstar spokesman Curtis Thayer of Armstrong's two North Fork wells after a Thursday meeting between the two companies. "They have gas they would like to sell and it is commercially viable. From the preliminary discussion, it looks like Homer is the best opportunity for that gas."

Homer businesses and residents who presently rely on heating oil would stand to save a third of their heating expenses with a supply of natural gas, said Thayer, but he cautioned that no formal agreement has yet been reached and many hurdles still stand in the way.

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