November 06, 2008

Election night wrap-up (with new photos)

OK, I'll admit it ... when I was at Alice's Tuesday night, snapping photos and taking interviews, I had to stop for a moment when MSNBC called the election for Barack Obama. I put my notebook and camera down and just soaked it in for a minute.

It was intense, the feeling that a tide has turned in this country ... that we as Americans have embraced something new and taken a bold step into uncharted territory. It's been said a million times in the last couple of days, but it's true: this was an historic moment. At Alice's, filled to capacity with Obama supporters, there were tears, hugs and yelling and screaming.

It was pretty cool. Here's the full story.

And here are a few photos ...

Frani Scheffel makes a few last minute "get out the vote" calls at Democratic Party HQ on Election Day.

Amy Christiansen makes her voice heard across Pioneer Avenue from a McCain/Palin rally.

11-year-old McCain supporter Trevor Luchaco and his buddy Dakota Alward (left) shout, "Don't be insane! Vote for McCain!" at passers-by on Pioneer Avenue.

Alice's was the place to be Tuesday night for Obama supporters. Here they are, waitng ... waiting ... waiting ...

"Barack Obama elected president"

I didn't get these folks' names, but they were pretty representative of what was gong on at Alice's - tears and hugs all around. What a night.