October 24, 2008

Homer gas prices coming down slowly (UPDATED)

The Daily News' Wes Loy has an article today about high gas prices statewide. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing in Anchorage yesterday with Alaska's two gasoline refiners, Flint HIlls and Tesoro. Jay Ramras (R-Fairbanks) heads the committee and says the two companies have a duopoly and that's what's leading to AK's highest in the nation gas prices.

Meanwhile, Homer seems to be the only place on the road system that still pays more than $4 a gallon ($4.06 the other day at Petro Express). Smokey Norton from Petro Express says it's because the local retailers wait until they fill up their large tanks before they change their prices. I have a complete story on the subject, with comment from Norton and Ramras, but the link on the website doesn't seem to be working right now. Check back here soon and I'll have it up. (UPDATE: Here's the link to yesterday's Homer News gas story.)

Also, I'm working on a story about Armstrong's successful natural gas well at North Fork and how that gas might get to Homer. McKibben did a preliminary story on the well here. Stay tuned for more on the subject.