October 29, 2008

Don't panic ... it's organic (hair design).

 Nova and I saw this sign next to the rolfing place in the strip mall where the Kachemak Gear Shed is located. I think it's new (the sign, at least), as I don't remember seeing it there before.

So ... um ... I hate to get all Andy Rooney on ya, but what in the heck is this "organic hair design?" Do they put bananas and/or yogurt in your hair? Bee pollen? Goat milk? Is it the hair that's supposed to be organic? (cuz I thought all hair was organic). And what does the "design" in "hair design" mean, anyway? Is there a team of architects in there drawing up blueprints for a new bob cut?

And ... does the macho Gear Shed feel a little weird living in the same strip mall as the froo-froo rolfing center and organic hair design emporium? 

I do love me some K-Bay coffee, though.